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Training approach

What's the benefit of a training?

A book is quickly read - and quickly forgotten.

In my trainings

  • I create space for the exchange of experiences

  • I share psychological expert-knowledge and

  • content is applied practically and methods and techniques are tried out, which creates “aha” moments.

This experience and practice ensures lasting learning effects.

The four pillars of my training methodology


My trainings are scientifically based. I rely on recognized psychological concepts and theories as well as empirical findings.


A training differs from a lecture through interaction. That's why I work with the participants' specific experiences and questions and actively involve them.


All theory is dry. That's why I attach particular importance to enabling my participants to experience the content practically through exercises. This makes it easier for them to internalize knowledge.


We learn better when we have fun. That's why my training concepts make sure that my participants will have fun.

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