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TV and video
Together with Checker Tobi and Checker Julian from the german kids TV channel I explained psychological topics child-friendly:
In my role as president of Zivilcourage für ALLE e.V. I moderated a digital panel discussion about how to fight fake facts with civil courage.
Radio interviews
Interview Zivilcourage - M94.5
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How can I show moral courage?

The journalists from M94.5 asked me how we can best demonstrate moral courage and what psychological mechanisms are involved.

Interview Aggressionen - M94.5
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Why do people show aggressive behaviour?

The reporters from M94.5 investigated the question of why people show aggression and how we can deal with it. I was allowed to contribute with my knowledge.

Reportage Zivilcourage-Training - Bayern 2 Radiowelt
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Civil courage can be learned!

The Bayerische Rundfunk reported about one of my various civil courage trainings in Munich.

Interview Zivilcourage - egoFM
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How can I show moral courage?

egoFM put a spotlight on the topic of civil courage - tips and tricks for successful civil courage can be heard in the interview.

Interview Zivilcourage - TOP FM
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Why doesn't anyone help - and how can I help?

Due to several dangerous incidents in Munich, Radio 106.4 TOP FM from Fürstenfeldbruck reported on the topic of moral courage.

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